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Welcome to
Indo Forging 2018

The metals and mining industry including forging as part of the metalworking process predominantly derives its demand from growth of sectors such as infrastructure, construction, automobile, powe and electronics, etc. The most significant growth opportunities for forging industry in Indonesia are expected to come from government regulations and schemes in order to build the better infrastructures as well as increasing the industrial sectors in Indonesia.

Forging industry also creates a potential for small and medium enterprise. Just like the forging industry in Indonesia that currently is starting to grow, thus there are abundant opportunities to be satisfied.

This growing of industrial sectors in Indonesia is backed by the government policy to develop the industrial population. The growth not only in quantity but also in quality in order to increase competitiveness and productivity as the main priority in the form of technical enhancement such as renewal or revitalization of industrial machinery as well as improvement and implementation of new product development in the forging industry.

Indo Forging as one of the exhibition in the collaboration of Indonesia Metalworking Week 2018 that will presenting opportunity to both of the forging business and to different kind of fields like aerosopace, new energy vehicles, agricultural electric vehicles, metro related accesories, telecommunication equipments, etc.

Exhibition Profile

Indo Forging 2018 will gather the technology leader and producer of forging industry in these fields:

  • Drop Forging
  • Press Forging
  • Upset Forging
  • Automatic Hot Forging
  • Roll Forging
  • Net-shape and near-net-shape forging
  • Multidirectional forging
  • forging materials, and forging equipment
  • Equipment and tooling
  • Service, information and consulting
  • forging protective products
  • kilns and energy-saving technology used for forging production

Indo Forging 2018 will immersed in the industry's wide range of usage, thus it will attract the decision makers of:

  • Manufacturers/industry professionals of automobile, motorcycle, agricultural vehicle, and other capital equipment’s
  • Railway vehicle manufacturing and supply industries
  • construction machinery
  • lifting & transport machinery
  • farm machinery
  • mining equipment
  • smelting equipment
  • power generating equipment
  • ship building
  • machine tools
  • petroleum and chemical equipment
  • aviation and aerospace equipment
  • general machinery
  • basic mechanical component
  • light industry machinery
  • medical equipment, pharmaceutical machinery, pharmaceutical packing machinery etc.
  • New product researchers
  • Quality testing and certification personnel
  • Marketing specialist/staff
  • Research institutions specialists and scholars