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Welcome to
Indo Heat Treatment 2018

Indo Heat Treatment will be a significant collaboration in Indonesia Metalworking Week 2018. It will capture the opportunity of Indonesia's demand for value added metalworking process, specifically in heat treatment process.

Heat treatment industry has since been important big industry all around the world, globally the industries are making major advancements in the operations involving the heating and cooling process of metal due to the wide number of benefits heat treatment offers to metal when it comes to the mechanical and physical characteristics.

Heat treatment is hugely impacting world economy, especially for developing countries like Indonesia that considered heat treatment process to be a strategic part of their developing economies. Fast growing market with huge population like Indonesia has create opportunities for heat treatment services and equipment. Due to the wide range of different industries such as automotive sector heavy construction machinery, aerospace, mining, metalworking, shipbuilding, etc use heat treatment in their everyday process.

"Globally sheer volume of heat treatment industry is in the range of $65 - $75 billion with the sale of heat treatment equipment alone being between $4.375 and $5.5 billion."

Heat treatment is made up of thousands of companies that all specialize in a particular segment of the industry—showing just how diverse and how much depth there is. Trends in the heat treatment sectors are also on the rise. Meanwhile, digitalization and a globalized standard of heat treatment have both played a big part in the industry’s growth. Automation and manufacturing technologies and processes are constantly becoming more digitalized and streamlined, making it even more efficient and lowering the cost of overall production.

So, for those attending the Indo Heat Treatment, either as visitor or exhibitor will have the chance to meet personally nearly all the suppliers operating in the industry, potential customers and partners, all in one place and at one time. They will be able to share experiences, update their own knowledge to the state of the art, learn about the most recent technologies as well as find new people to contact in the sector.

Exhibition Profile

Indo Heat Treatment 2018 will gather the experts and supplier of :

  • Hardening and heating machines, heat treatment
  • Honing, lapping, polishing and deburring
  • Softening Processes including annealing and normalising
  • Tempering processes
  • Thermochemical processes including carburising, Nitriding, Boronising
  • Structural steel quenching
  • Heat-treatment furnaces and Accessories
  • Induction Heating (Induction equipment. Frequency converters and transformers for induction heating)
  • Heat Treat Processing Atmosphere and Generators
  • Technology and equipment for Surface treatment & modification
  • Surface Engineering Vacuum Technology
  • Thermos Mechanic Processing
  • thermal and chemical-thermal equipment, refractory materials, thermal insulation, measuring, diagnostic and analytical equipment
  • Systems low temperature (cryogenic treatment)
  • Refractories, Insulation and lining of thermal units
  • Lubricants and technical liquids. Technology cleaning and temperature control of industrial fluids. Cooling system
  • Commissioning, professional installation, service, repair and overhaul of furnaces and heating equipment
  • Plasma & Microwave Heat Treatment
  • Flame Heat Treatment
  • Automated Heat Treatment

Indo Heat treatment industry itself has wide range of usage, thus it will attract the decision makers of:

  • Manufacturers/industry professionals of automobile, motorcycle, agricultural vehicle, and other capital equipment’s
  • Railway vehicle manufacturing and supply industries
  • construction machinery
  • lifting & transport machinery
  • farm machinery
  • mining equipment
  • smelting equipment
  • power generating equipment
  • ship building
  • machine tools
  • petroleum and chemical equipment
  • aviation and aerospace equipment
  • general machinery
  • basic mechanical component
  • light industry machinery
  • medical equipment, pharmaceutical machinery, pharmaceutical packing machinery etc.
  • New product researchers
  • Quality testing and certification personnel
  • Marketing specialist/staff
  • Research institutions specialists and scholars